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A Clown is a being that steps into the world afresh. He or she is open to new experiences, meeting things, people, events with wonder, curiosity and a sense of pleasure. Quite different from our pragmatic and often routine way of being, a clown is forever discovering the new. She enjoys being just herself however she is - so being shy, awkward, grumpy, afraid, bossy, falling in love or falling over - all those have a place and can be experienced, seen and celebrated.

And flops and failures are not something to hide from or feel embarrassed about, but an opportunity to reveal yet another aspect of a clown's characteristics, his or her very unique and inimitable way of being - a part of their individual poetry of life

Originally, in the world of the circus, the clowns were those artists and gymnasts who were too old to be on the trapeze or involved in other dangerous acts - they made too many mistakes. So from that the archetypal act of a clown is just that: to fall over, to fail. This is what we meet whenever we watch a clown, that sense of getting into a mess with even the simplest of tasks. Despite the ever increasing sense of fiasco the clown remains optimistic and confident, and so allows us to laugh about him: we empathise, because we are so very familiar ourselves with the fact of fallibility and imperfection.

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Every clown lives in their very own world, their emotional states and experiences, their physical being and their own particular way to deal with what the world throws up for him or her. Their physical posture, voice and costume all come together to show to the world something about the unique way that this being engages with life in all its ups and downs.

the benefits of clowning

In this personal and very comical work, the participants discover their own clown. Not a character one takes on, the clown is really a state in which one consciously explores ones own naivety, imbalances and contradictions in order to transform them into the poetry of the ridiculous.

The state of the clown is one of openness and deep listening to oneself. It allows one to see oneself, others and the whole world afresh and to experience a far wider way of being and greater range of emotion. Letting go of ideas of right and wrong, of shoulds and of control, in discovering the clown inside oneself, one can allow oneself to play again, to experience whatever arises and discover one's own individuality and both folly at the same time.

Through the work with our own clown we open ourselves to who we are more deeply, both the half hidden as well as what might be totally obvious to others! The exercises and improvisations are done in a spirit of lightness and play. They will help to discover and explore our very individual ways of being and so create greater understanding and insight for each individual participant. In allowing the clown in some of the exercises to enter the everyday world and work of the participant, we see how he brings his new perspective and a very different way of interacting with colleagues, clients and the task in hand.

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"Scary but fun and really healing."
"Please, please keep offering this to widen the circle of clowns!"
"Thank you! It was wonderful. Heart-nourishing"
"It's the real deal!"

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