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In meditation we allow our mind just to be, and so to reveal to us the sky-like nature of all things. Dwelling in that dimension more and more, we are clearing away the veils that usually cover our senses and we come to have a more direct experience of life and the world around us. When we stop holding on so tightly to the idea of who we are and stop maintaining that view by the stories we tell ourselves and others about us, we can relax. Relax into the open space that is always there for us and has never shut us out. Meditation allows us to re-integrate ourselves effortlessly into space and discover that so much more is possible than the small story of 'I', the box in which we usually try to contain ourselves and all that occurs.

Entering the world of the clown we open ourselves to ourselves including contradictions and imperfections. The clown trips and spills through life seeing an open door at every flop. She lives in a state of perpetual wonder at the world and nurtures an openness to the infinite possibilities of life. Clowning and meditation have a lot in common. The stepping into the unknown, the openness to whatever occurs, the sense of improvisation rather than being able to plan what will happen. Both ask for and help in developing an awakeness, integration, joy and the ability not to take life so seriously.

While meditation occurs, on the whole, sitting on a cushion, eyes either open or closed, clowning happens in a public space, in front of others - the same as most of our lives. In clowning we show others what goes on, when we enter an unknown situation. Not just keeping our responses private we share them with all our friends in the group, honestly and directly. While this can take a bit of courage the mutual understanding that is created is tremendous and reconnects us with life and our fellow human beings. Breaking through a sense of isolation we might have, we can experience mutual support and empathy and the joy in being ourselves and being appreciated for who we are.

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"Absolutely great, deserves more attention. Really confidence building, great teacher!"
"Excellent teaching very inclusive and inspiring."
"It's wonderful how such a disparate group of people from different ages, countries and experiences became so kindly and supportive of each others' journey."
Testimonials from the 'Clowning and Insight' retreats.

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