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rednoses workshops

These workshops are for everyone. Participants enter into a spirit of exploration, curiosity and deep listening to themselves, in order to find their personal clown. Plenty of exercises to warm up body, voice and imagination, fun, games and improvisation, using props as well as costumes, assist in the discovery and development of the new clown's way of being. The atmosphere is light and supportive and helps the clown in the first tentative steps and maybe towards a delicate dance or decisive stomp - whichever it may be!

general workshops run for 2 - 3 days.

Whatever shows itself in us can become beautiful and enjoyable.
We enjoy ourselves, just being us.

clowning alone

rednoses training

This serves as professional training in team-work, communication skills, leadership, public presentation, listening and creative engagement. Each workshop is individually tailored to the group and their area of engagement. Training is available to suit different purposes and various time frames.

half-day training

A half-day training allows participants to relieve stress and to relax body and mind. It is great for team building and for allowing people to see each other with fresh eyes - possibly washed with the tears that come from having a good laugh. This can stand alone or be used as a taster in preparation for a longer workshop. (max participants 25)

one-day training

A one-day training will give a good team building experience, getting to know one another better, exploring and playing with the dynamics that occur at work and between people. It will serve as a new start and help everyone to work together more creatively. (max participants 25)

two-three day training

A two or three day training will allow for the whole development of the individual clown as well as then applying the clown's perspective and way of being to the everyday work and interaction of the group of participants. It will bring clarity into communication and open up fresh and more imaginative ways of engaging with the work. It is very helpful for work that involves public presentation or interface and dealing with clients. Themes touched on include how to deal with insecurity and fear of failure in any area of work. The training also assists in bringing about more direct and truthful communication in the team, supporting a healthier team dynamic. (max participants 12)

"Clowning is about being open to what is right in front of us, not trying to predict or change, but just seeing with an innocence and open heart. In this way it is like the best fundraising: arriving open, vulnerable, alive to yourself and what is going on right in the moment of two people meeting."
"The training was valuable for door knocking as you need all of yourself to be present to fully meet and connect with the person there; that means knowing yourself, and now I do a little more."

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